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4 Ways to Keep Your Closet Organized

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We want to help you create a closet you’ve always dreamed of! This includes helping you stay organized even after we’ve helped you maximize the storage area in your space. Here are some ways you can keep your closet pristine and well maintained.

  1. Follow Through and Complete the Cycle.

This may be the most difficult to accomplish especially if you’re accustomed to leaving your clothes somewhere without hanging them or sorting them. However, it can make the most impact on the success of your closet system. Simply following through by properly stowing away purses and shoes, or taking a few extra seconds to hang a pair of jeans after they’ve been washed, will help keep your closet looking neat and keep everything in their place. Your closet system isn’t there to just look pretty – be sure to use it!

  1. Vacuum & Dust.

Dirt, grime, and dust can all make a room feel messier than it really is. Regularly cleaning your closet can help make your space feel neater. Plus, when you vacuum or dust you’ll be forced to find the floor or clear the shelf, which will help keep items from piling up. It’s also a great way to help you follow through with the first tip we mentioned.

  1. Regular Clear Outs.

A purge is always a great idea. While many tend to do a yearly purge, more frequent and smaller purges can make it seem like less of a chore and help keep clutter to a minimum throughout the year. Regularly cleaning can help keep you on a purge schedule and help evaluate the pieces in your closet. Remove and return wire hangers to the cleaners so they can be recycled rather than gathering dust in your wardrobe. Try keeping a designated area or basket in your closet for donations or items that need to be patched and altered, and tend to these items regularly.

  1. Fix Issues Promptly.

If you have scarves falling off or silky blouses traveling down to the floor, don’t let the issue prolong. Fix this by getting unified, velvet hangers, or find better hooks. If you can’t reach items you need consider keeping a collapsible stool stowed away in your closet or shuffle around items so that items you need on a regular basis are at eye-level. Can’t see or find the items you’re looking for? Upgrade your lighting. Try under-cabinet lighting, adding additional lighting sources, or changing out your bulbs for something with a bit more power. The point here is that the longer you leave an issue to brew, the more likely your closet will become cluttered.

Our Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona customers find that with a little help and effort, they can keep their homes looking and feeling like new. Give Closet & Storage Concepts a call today or visit our beautiful showroom to see some sample solutions! We’ll help you transform your home one room at a time.