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Tips to Maximize Storage in Your Spare Room

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Maximizing storage space in your home can be a difficult feat to accomplish, but when you do, your home often looks cleaner and functions better. In spare rooms, this is especially important because they often are a multi-purpose room. They can serve as extra storage space, a playroom, or even a home office. With so many purposes, proper storage is key in order to accomplish everything. Here are some of our tips to help you maximize storage in your Scottsdale, Arizona home.

Go Vertical

If you’re short on floor space, thinking tall can help. Use all of your space by going vertical. Stacking or having multiple layers of shelves can provide much-needed storage without taking up additional floor space. This can work especially well if you have vaulted ceilings. Also, consider going above the door. This can be a great place for a small shelf. Other solutions like bunk beds or a loft bed can create more sleeping space without taking additional square footage.

Stow The Beds

Another solution could be to stow the beds completely with the installation of a murphy bed. A murphy bed is easily stowed and blends right in with your existing furniture. More storage can even be incorporated around the wall bed by building shelving or even a home office unit. Wall beds can be great if your spare room is used as a play or crafts room because it still gives your kids a place to play while having a dedicated space for friends and families to stay.

Wall Up

Much like going vertical with your storage units, utilizing wall space can help create more storage areas. A complete wall of storage units, shelves, or hooks, can actually make your spare room feel more spacious while expanding storage. Hooks can be great for hanging accessories like scarves and belts. Using a pegboard or a slatted wall system is a great place to store ribbons and wrapping paper.

Maximize Closets

Spare closets are often coveted for their ability to provide additional storage. Use custom closet systems to fit your needs as you would with your master closet. Utilize built-in drawers and shelves for different items and hanging areas of different height. Using different levels of hanging rods increases the number of items you can store in the same amount of space.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Ottomans that double as storage for board games or bookshelves that double as a reading nook are great for upping the storage space and providing extra utility. Use multi-purpose furniture to create a unique space that feels comfortable and inviting.

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