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Holiday Organization: Baking & Cooking Supplies

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Before the sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, or other holiday treats, be sure to get your kitchen in order. Making sure you’re prepared and organized is the best way to keep stress-levels low when baking and cooking this holiday season. Luckily, Closet and Storage Concepts in Scottsdale, Arizona is here to help you with these tips.

List Off

Make your list and check it twice. Come up with the absolutely must haves that you need to make. Listing all of the recipes and goodies you need to make and who they will be going to will keep everything in order and make sure you’re not forgetting anything or anyone.

Clean Up

Give your kitchen a good clean down. A good clean can help you feel motivated to get baking. Plus, by doing a good clean you can be assured that everything you need is in working order and ready for use; it will be one less thing to be frustrated about.

Sort Out & Calculate Inventory

Try shoe or parcel boxes from your online shopping if you need temporary storage. This is a great way to get ingredients grouped together for certain recipes.

Take inventory in both your pantry and your fridge. You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of forgetting the flour or the mistake of getting even more butter that you don’t know where to store it. It’s a perfect time to participate in a clean out especially if you’re looking for a specific set of items. Don’t neglect to take inventory of your tools especially baking pans and trays. With holiday sales, it could be a way to score some sweet deals before you make that batch of cookies.

Consider Presentation

As you take inventory of your pantry and fridge, also consider the presentation of your items. Note if you need special baking liners, or a festive sprinkle set to complete your treats. You’ll be able to make fewer trips by creating a list. Stocking up as soon as you know what you need also helps insure that stock doesn’t run out. Be sure to note everything you need whether it’s gift tags, some twine, or festive sprinkles.

Apply Zones

Having clear zones will help you get enough room in your kitchen and properly allocate for cooling racks and wrapping sessions. Zones such as prep, baking, and assembly are good starters. Plus, you’ll be able to plan what tools you need as you prepare and organize. Keep zones separate and only keep the necessary items out to ensure that you have enough room to complete your tasks and make cleanup easier.

Happy holidays and happy baking from Closet and Storage Concepts of Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ! Come stop by our showroom to get more organization ideas throughout your home!

Photo by Jill Wellington, under Public Domain (CC0 1.0).