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How to Hide the Storage

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Closed murphy bed unit.

Closed murphy bed unit.

If you crave storage but are wondering if there are more decorative options, Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ is here to help with these tips. Two general ways to do this are by blending your storage units with your existing furniture or concealing them completely. We’ll get more in-depth with our suggestions below.

Blending Storage

Plastic bins, while useful, aren’t the most attractive options. Go for something more decorative such as a wicker basket or a vintage suitcase to fit your décor. If you like the idea of a fabric bin, but don’t love how universal it looks, try a wooden crate lined with fabric or a wire basket in a unique metal.

Work the storage into your everyday life by incorporating it into your furniture. Ottomans with storage inside, or even having a small shelf along the bottom of your coffee table can make your storage space seem more integrated into your home.

Concealing the Storage

If you would rather conceal items, you have some options. Try painting your storage units the same colors as your walls. This extends your walls and blends your storage units in with your existing décor. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to hide your units and it can even change with your home’s decor.

Another option is to make use of curtains or dividing walls and doors. These literally hide the storage and are perfect in any space. If you have a small built-in desk in your living room, this can be an inexpensive solution to keep your work area (and sensitive files) hidden away when you have company. Choose from a multitude of colors and fabric weights to help hide your stuff. A sliding door can work for an entertainment system to hide away cords, but keep the TV open for easy viewing. To avoid dwarfing your space, try to keep the curtains or railing as close to the ceiling as possible.

One final option to consider is a built-in option. From home office solutions to wall beds, built-in furniture truly conceals the storage. When done with care and craftsmanship, they will fit your space perfectly, maximize storage, and can look very luxurious. Many finishes and material options mean that you can get a custom appearance in your home. Custom units can also come with unique door options to hide your items while blending in with your room’s design.

Hiding the storage to maintain the highest functionality in your room without looking like an eyesore is possible! Consult with one of our designers today to see how Closet & Storage Concepts can help you create the space of your dreams. Our designers work throughout the Valley including Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Mesa, AZ. They’ll help you maximize storage throughout your home including in your closet, home office, or guest room.

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