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Quick Closet Organization Tips

Custom maple wood closet.

Organizing your closet doesn’t have to be a chore – here are some tips from the Scottsdale, AZ team at Closet & Storage Concepts on how you can get organized fast.

Place Items Back on Hangers

We’ve mentioned some ways to prevent damage to your clothes, and putting items on hangers is one of them. It’s a quick and easy way to protect your clothes while getting organized. If you’re tired of seeing silk blouses or trousers on the floor, upgrade your hangers. Thin velvet hangers are a popular choice. If you find an item on the floor that you no longer wear and love, use this time to say goodbye to it and place it in a donate pile.

Dust Down

Give shelves and countertops, if you have a closet island, a quick dust down. This task can be completed in a short 10 minutes. You will easily achieve a cleaner and more organized space. If you have a few extra moments, give your closet a vacuum or sweep. Don’t forget to get into the nooks and corners of your closet system to be sure you’re getting every dust bunny.

Mind the Top Shelf

After the dust down, give your top shelf a little bit of attention. By focusing on this area for just 15 minutes you may inspire yourself into a longer closet organizing session. If you store out of season items at the top, it may be the perfect time to switch up your items especially as things have been getting increasingly warmer throughout the Valley. For a cleaner look, simply using canvas boxes or other storage bin can help. Make sure your containers have a lid to prevent dust from settling on your items.

The Fast Purge

A quick glance through your items can help to easily identify items that are past their prime. Keep in mind that purging and organizing don’t have to take all day; doing a quick purge can be just as effective. Just be sure to get rid of the unwanted items as soon as possible. Leaving them on the floor of your closet only means that your closet will be messy for longer.

Install The Organizers

If you’ve purchased over-the-door organizers, shelving, or other hooks, it’s time to finally install them. Procrastinating won’t keep you from an organized closet any longer! For a more intensive project, don’t be afraid to go the custom route. You’ll be able to create a long-lasting solution to your storage problems and it will be infinitely more stylish than your current unappealing wire system.

Get started with a free design consultation from Closet & Storage Concepts! We are the premier closet organizers serving the greater Scottsdale and Phoenix area.