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How to Organize Summer Accessories

Custom closet accessories from TAGHardware

Custom closet accessories from TAGHardwareJewelry, scarves, and sunglasses are all must-have accessories, especially in the warmer months in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. If you tend to accumulate these items, here’s how you can make room for a life well organized in your closet.


We find purging a few weeks after the start of a new season to be helpful. It allows you to take inventory of your items and evaluate your wardrobe. If you feel like your wardrobe is lacking in some way and want to add a few new pieces in, try to stick to a one-in-one-out rule, so you are not collecting too many items in your closet. Get rid of items that you feel are past their prime. This will help cut down on the items you’ll have to keep organized.

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Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings can help turn any outfit into something new or something extra special! Make sure you protect your pieces while making them easy to find.

Necklaces, whether they are delicate or chunky, should be hung. This prevents tangling and makes them easy to find. Jewelry stands and cases can be stored on top of a closet island. You can also dedicate drawers in your closet for jewelry. Soft velvet inserts keep earrings and rings in their compartments, away from long strands of necklaces and other items. It also offers cushion and support to prevent scratching. For men’s cufflinks, pocket squares, and watches, jewelry inserts or a simple tray can help keep accessories organized.


Linen and lightweight scarves help protect you against the sun and provide extra warmth in air-conditioned buildings or cool summer nights. Slide out tie and belt racks can be great for storing scarves out of sight, without being out of reach. You can also fold them up and place them on a pullout shelf or drawer. Use drawer dividers to keep scarves neat and separated from other articles of clothing. You can even use (or make) your own scarf hanger. This can help you save space in your closet and give you more room for more scarves!


You can also utilize drawer inserts for sunglasses. The dividers separate glasses and when tucked in a drawer, keep them from getting scratched. If you only have a few pairs and are not looking to grow your collection, we recommend keeping them in the hard or soft-shelled case they came in, and then tucking the cases into a drawer.


An organized closet doesn’t stop with the creation of a custom storage system. Ongoing maintenance will be key to keeping your accessories organized. Be sure to regularly purge items and give your units a quick dust down with a damp cloth. Rotating seasonal items may also be useful.

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Photo courtesy of TAG Hardware.