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An Office Remodel in Buckeye, AZ

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Built-in office furniture Buckeye, AZ

We have experience helping our customers with all of their home storage needs, including home offices. Let’s take a closer look at this remodel that we completed a few months ago in the Buckeye area!

Built-in office furniture Buckeye, AZ


A rich cherry finish adds warmth to the room. Flat panel cabinetry and minimalist cabinet holds and pulls give this office a no-fuss look and give a streamlined appearance. In short, it helps our clients stay focused when they are working on various tasks. The countertop matches with the rest of the room and pairs beautifully with the floors, paint color, and cabinet finish.

What Makes This Space Special?

Office for Two

Our clients needed two workstations in their office. One is larger and longer, but both have plenty of storage and space for each person. This allows both parties to work simultaneously. The L-shape layout of one workstation takes advantage of corner space and maximizes their work area.

Custom cherry office cabinets Buckeye, AZ img_5205-md

Built-In Lighting

In the L-shaped desk, we incorporated under-cabinet lighting to help warm up that corner of the room and to make it easier to see and complete everyday tasks.

Clever Storage SolutionsCustom office storage in Phoenix metro

The enclosed cabinets and drawers on the bottom provide ample storage for crafting and office supplies. Upper cabinets are perfectly measured to the height of an existing cabinet. You can see the existing cabinet on the left in this photo.

Open bookshelves on the upper units help keep the space from feeling too grounded and heavy. It acts as a perfect place to store books, mementos, and other trinkets. Family pictures and other sentimental items are hung on the wall or sit on the top of the desk, keeping our clients’ loved ones top of mind.


“Chad, Brian & his crew & Lorrie did a wonderful job with our office remodel… They worked with us in every aspect of the project from conception, design, pricing, and final approval (they even did an upgrade that we did not expect – free of charge) so we are very happy with the outcome of the office and the now functional space that we have. I would suggest that anyone in the Valley of the Sun should give a call to these wonderful people (family owned & operated) and give them an opportunity to work with you on your next project!”

– Marc C., Buckeye, AZ

Custom office workspace Buckeye, AZ

Come stop by our showroom or give us a call to see how we can help you transform your office into a productive and beautiful space.