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5 Ways to Create an Organized Bar Area

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Minimal organized bar area

Minimal organized bar area

Before you ring in the New Year, make sure your bar area is up to par. Learn how from your locally-owned home storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix.


Create space for liquors, wines, garnish, and other ingredients. Wine shelving is specifically designed to hold wine bottles. For large collections, we recommend using a wine cellar or other designated room. For smaller collections, you can use lower cabinets and pullout shelving. Keep frequently-used items stocked at eye level for easy access.

Wine and spice pantry shelving

Consider Platters

Platters can keep napkins, the ice bucket, and ice tongs. In addition, metal platters can add a fancy and upscale touch to your kitchen and bar area. If you’ll be serving drinks, platters make this task easier, too.

If your entertaining space is small, a  platter on a cart or tabletop can help create an efficient and organized bar area.

Create Concoctions Early

Reduce the clutter and the amount of items you need in your bar area by creating and testing your concoctions ahead of time. This goes for both boozy and non-alcoholic drinks. Less clutter will make entertaining more enjoyable and less stressful since your bar area will be stocked with the exact items you need – you won’t have to dig around through unnecessary items.

Glassware Storage and Cleaning

Give your glassware a rinse and clean before your event. Using specific organizers and storage systems that store flutes and wine glasses upside down rather than upright can protect pieces and make it easy to grab them from your cabinets.

Cabinet doors help keep dust and dirt off your glasses and serving trays.

Refinished cabinets in Scottsdale
Top: Before // Bottom: After

Upgrade Cabinetry

If your bar area could use an update, you may want to just consider switching out your doors. New doors with glass inserts and cabinets with built-in lighting can help brighten your area. New hardware can also enhance existing cabinets.

If you find that bar towels, napkins, platters, entertaining supplies, and ingredients cannot be stored efficiently in your current bar area you may want to consider getting organized. Properly storing wine and alcohol help ensure that corks can easily be removed. Keep in mind that our cabinets and shelving units can be built around a fridge so wine bottles will be chilled when you’re ready to entertain.

Start the New Year off right by scheduling your free in-home estimate with Closet & Storage Concepts! We’ll help you make the most of your Phoenix and Scottsdale home.

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