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Entertaining in Tight Spaces

Party in a small space

Party in a small space

Apartments, condos, and townhomes can be a challenge to entertain in since space is usually at a premium. A few well-thought-out plans and ideas can help make the most of your space and make any party a hit. Consider some of these ideas:

Seating Arrangements

Hosting more than four or five people can be a nightmare in super-tiny apartments. This is especially the case if you’re planning a dinner party. Use your table’s leaf to create a bigger table or you can wrangle a couple of coffee tables together. Use whatever seats you have in your home whether it’s a piano bench, storage ottoman, or even the chair you use at your vanity. This creative use of seating spares you from having to purchase chairs you’d only need occasionally. Don’t be afraid to take items from other areas or rooms temporarily. You could even try putting large pillows on the floor for a more casual seating arrangement.

Food & Drinks

No ice bucket? No problem. If you’re in a really small apartment, you can use your sink. Fill with ice and put drinks in. The best part is that cleanup will be minimal! You won’t have to wash out or clean an ice bucket or cooler. Plan ahead and make sure champagne or other drinks are put in your fridge to chill.

Go With a Minimal Approach

Take a minimal approach with the table setting and decorations if your place is small. This allows you to fully utilize flat surfaces and keep your home as opens as possible.

Stick to decorations that hang on the wall or have a low profile. This is a great way for small homes to add a bit of extra sparkle without it consuming your entire space.

Bring it Outside

Cheat a little and try to take the party outside if possible. With overall temperate temperatures throughout the year in the Valley, it’s often easy to entertain outdoors all year round. Book the patio space in your building or use your deck! Whatever you have available, be sure to put that square footage to work.

Create Zones

Consider creating zones to create a flow through your space and prevent guests from feeling claustrophobic and trapped. For example, putting the drinks outside or somewhere separate from the food can help create a good flow and prevents overcrowding at the waterhole.

You can even consider a kid zone if you’ll be hosting some families. Dedicate a spare room or maybe temporarily convert your child’s room into a play area. This gives adults and kids a chance to enjoy themselves while allowing for adequate circulation.

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