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Easy Ways to Make Your Closet More Functional

Traditional wood custom closet scottsdale

Traditional wood custom closet scottsdale

Make the most of your home and your time this year by improving the functionality of your home. Start in your closet with these tips.

Ditch the Baggage

What we mean is, ditch the stuff that’s weighing you down. You wouldn’t hang on to something that’s causing you stress, so why are you hanging around to clothes that don’t make you feel like the best version of yourself? This also helps when creating a storage solution, since you won’t have to store as much stuff.

Use Vertical Space

Lack of storage is one of the key reasons closets are not maximized to their potential. Use that wasted storage space for extra room for clothes or shoes. We love using wardrobe lifts for closets with tall ceilings. This allows vertical space to be utilized without causing unnecessary injury or pain when trying to reach these items. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are perfect for any shoe collector.


Turn that wasted space into extra storage space. Poor layouts that aren’t conducive to your particular needs are not doing you any favors. Consider creating additional hanging space or incorporating a closet island. Reconfiguring and reorganizing your space will help you spend less time searching for items and can even increase your home’s value. We can suggest ideas you may not have thought of such as varying shelf and hanging heights; no matter what you’re looking to accomplish, your closet designer at Closet & Storage Concepts can help.


Closets that look good are more likely to be used and enjoyed by their owners. Look to beautify your closet this year. From a complete remodel to smaller upgrades like changing out old drawer pulls, beautifying your space can make your space truly loved.
Custom walk-in closet

Include Lighting

Lighting is crucial in a closet. Not only does it set a certain mood, it increases visibility, and thus improves function. Try adding lighting into your new cabinets and shelves or try more decorative lighting such as pendants or chandeliers. Decorative lighting is a great way to inject some personality into your space.

Isn’t it time to make your closet more functional? Closet & Storage Concepts in Scottsdale is your choice for custom closet and home storage solutions in the Valley. We serve the entire area from Sun Valley to Phoenix, Mesa to Glendale. Contact us today to schedule your free design estimate.