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Craft Room Storage Ideas to Consider

Builtin wood craft room storage in Scottsdale, AZ.

Spare rooms are often used as a guest room, home office, or dedicated craft room. Today we’ll be focusing on craft room storage ideas to help you spend more time crafting and less time rummaging through your supplies.

Builtin wood craft room storage in Scottsdale, AZ.

Divvying Up Supplies

Keeping paper, brads, buttons, and other crafting supplies separated helps keep everything organized. An organized space makes it easy to keep track of items and helps speed up crafting projects.

Consider using drawer inserts and dividers to separate small items like jars of glitter, stamps, and hot glue sticks. Bins and totes can keep larger items and tools. Consider storing items in bins by purpose or task. You can have a special bin for scrapbooking tools, another for jewelry supplies, and another for fabric and sewing projects. When it comes to paper we can create special slots that make it easy to see and grab colors. We can even build cabinets and worktops around your existing storage shelves or carts.


When using bins and baskets, labeling makes it easy to locate items. Get creative if you don’t want to just use a labeler. You can make tags that you attach with ribbons or you can write directly on glass jars or ceramic pots.
Built-in custom craft room.

Consider Worktops

If you have room for multiple work areas, it could be beneficial to have multiple stations. As seen in the picture above, we created two distinctive work areas that allow for multiple people to work in the area at the same time or for multiple projects to be worked on simultaneously. Depending on the shape and size of your room, different layouts can be used to maximize your space and to cater to your needs.

To Hide or Not to Hide

Sometimes our customers go back and forth between using open shelving or enclosed cabinets. We often use a combination of both for design and functionality. Enclosed cabinets can help conceal clutter when you want to while still providing ample storage. Open storage shelves are great for frequently used items or to spotlight certain projects.

Customized craft station storage

Slatted Wall

A slat wall is often used in garage storage projects, but it is also uniquely suited to craft rooms. This is because it offers flexibility as you work on different projects. It also makes it easy to keep tools and materials close at hand. When installed in a craft station, slat walls often use hooks and holders for ribbon spools and wrapping paper.

Start creating a work area that helps you with all of your crafting needs. Closet & Storage Concepts is your choice for custom storage systems in the greater Scottsdale and Phoenix area. We serve the entire Valley from Surprise to Gilbert, AZ!