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Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Gray Into Your Scottsdale Home

Gray home interior

Gray home interior Gray has been loved by interior decorators and families for years now, and there’s no sense that it seems to be slowing down. It comes in a lot of different shades and undertones making it a versatile color for many different design styles. Read on for ways to incorporate it into your home.

The Walls

Painting your walls is a common choice when you’re looking to try a new look. Paint allows you to refresh a space without an excessive cost. Gray is perfect for both interior and exterior walls. But painting isn’t the only way to incorporate this color into your walls! Use gray tiles as your backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Dark gray grout is another option and is extremely on-trend when combined with a simple white subway tile.


For those that aren’t quite sold on gray’s staying power, accessories are usually the way to go. From throw pillows to blankets, drawer pulls and knobs, to candles, accessories allow you to experiment with this color.


More and more people have started to use gray on their cabinets. When paired with upper cabinets in a lighter color, the result can give a very modern and contemporary look. Grey usually acts as a grounding color, and although other colors can be paired with it, the warmer and darker grays usually give a space depth without being overpowering.

Office Furniture

Office built-in shelving ScottsdaleCheck out this recent home office and built-in cabinet that we did. We utilized a matching beadboard backing and shelves to give a cohesive look. The rich dark gray works well with other wall and floor colors in this space and gives a sophisticated look. This type of gray works particularly well and acts as an accent piece against lighter neutrals.


Many stones, particularly marble, have gray veining in them. This is a great way to incorporate this color without fully committing to it. Other natural or manmade tabletops can come in gray depending on how far you want to go with this color.

Gray can be used as both a neutral and an accent color. Its versatility is nearly unmatched and can help add an extra dimension to a room. Let us know how you use gray in your home or if you have any other tips for us.

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