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How to Get More Usable Closet Space

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Full custom closet Scottsdale TAG Hardware

Full custom closet Scottsdale TAG Hardware
Our clients often come to us and say, “Tell me how I can get more usable closet space”. Our experience with all types closets in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area gives us unique insight into this common problem. Read how you can get more usable closet space below!


The first step to a more functional closet is by decluttering. This step may seem obvious, but sometimes we can forget the easiest step. Clearing out some items can make it clear what types of storage you are lacking and what you need to store. The fewer items that need to fit into your closet, the more space you’ll have to experiment with. 

Make it a Functional Layout

Many closets are not optimized for space, especially when houses are built in a cookie cutter type of fashion. Look to get more usable space by creating a layout that is completely accessible, such as using special corner units.

Look at Underutilized Space

Looking for underutilized space can help you find more usable space. Look to fill blank walls with floor-to-ceiling shelving or hanging areas. Using doors with door organizers can also create more space in small closets. Don’t forget to look down as well! Wall space near the floors could be underutilized. Consider double hanging areas to use up that space, or install drawers underneath hanging areas to make sure every inch is going to use.

Opt for Low Profile Accessories

Scarf organizer custom closet PhoenixLow profile closet accessories like our belt, tie, and scarf racks that are installed on the side of a shelf or cabinet unit can help you maximize your closet space. Since they have low profiles and easily slide out of sight, this frees up the rest of your closet for shelving or cabinets. Even a drop down ironing board can fit into a closet when planned appropriately.

Have a Seasonal Plan      

You can get more usable closet space by dealing with seasonal items such as certain sports equipment or chunkier sweaters and coats. Keeping these items in a separate room or coat closet can increase the amount of space you have to work with. Using bins and baskets for vacation items and swimsuits will keep you organized while freeing up space in your drawers and more space for storage systems. 

Professional Closet Organizers

Give Closet & Storage Concepts a call to makeover your closet and make it more usable. With our state of the art 3D CAD software, exceptional customer service skills, and commitment to providing durable products, we can help you no matter how big or small your project. Sticking with the pros will be sure to produce smart solutions and clever ideas to help you maximize your storage.

Get started by visiting our showroom or giving us a call!