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Tiny Home Storage Secrets

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Bright living room in small home

Bright living room in small home

The amount of square footage has been swelling, while the number of residents in each home has been declining for decades now. However, there has been a recent change as more and more homeowners have now decided to downsize. Whether it is to save money, to avoid having to take care of a large home, or just because many people want to lower their carbon footprint, tens of thousands of Americans are choosing to live in smaller spaces.

The Biggest Problem Downsizing

For the most part, people who move into significantly smaller homes are generally happy with their decision. They love the extra time and money they are able to save each month. But most of those who downsize have the same complaint: A lack of storage space.

It is possible to find the space you need to store just about anything in even the tiniest spaces. It just takes some planning and a few great ideas. Pantry shelves with built-in desk

In the Kitchen

Having access to enough storage space in the kitchen is essential. The secret to increasing your storage is to use the “dead space”. Few kitchens take advantage of the space under appliances or corner units. Customized built-in cabinets with drawers, which completely slide out and corner units with an interior lazy susan can optimize the space you have. Remember to use all of the vertical space in your room. Upper cabinets or pullout pantry shelves make it easy to access every inch of your storage space.

In the Bedroom

Wall mounted custom reach-in closetDownsizing does not mean you have to throw out all of your favorite outfits and shoes. Create enough room for everything by installing a custom closet solution. The secret is to design your closet around your wardrobe to maximize the available space. Add multiple hanging areas, add a built-in a built-in drawer and shelving system to fit your needs, and don’t forget all the added space under your bed. Large, inexpensive plastic boxes are the perfect place to store all of your unused linens and bedding, and they fit snugly under your bed.

In the Garage

Even in the largest garage, your clutter seems to just expand to fill any free space. When you downsize from a two-car garage to one that is half the size, fitting everything you need takes a little work. The first thing you need to do is to take a hard look at what you want from your garage. Is it only a home for your car, or will it serve double duty as workshop or storage locker? What do you have to store in your garage and are there any alternative places to keep your odds and ends? Once you know what you need to keep in your garage, look for customized solutions. A workbench, pegboard tool storage, and a sports rack are amazing space savers.

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