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Top 5 Health Benefits of Staying Organized

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Cleaning/ organizing books and clothes

Cleaning/ organizing books and clothes

Many people would rather do just about anything besides cleaning and organizing. However, once completed, few things give a more satisfying feeling. Now research is showing there are more benefits to being organized than just a good feeling; it can actually improve and enhance your health. Check out these five health benefits of getting organized:

1. Reduced Stress Levels

Numerous studies have shown that a cluttered home or office leads to increased feelings of fatigue, depression, stress, and anxiety. People who spend lots of time in these settings have elevated cortisol levels, one of the primary markers of stress. In turn, this can deplete the immune system and open the door to illness. By contrast, people who spend time in organized spaces tend to be healthier and less stressed. A Swedish study found that being organized can even lower your risk of heart attack or other cardiovascular events by 30 percent or more!

2. More Positive Energy in the Space

The Chinese art of Feng Shui promotes an optimal flow of “chi,” or life force energy throughout a space. One foundational rule of Feng Shui is having a space that is free of clutter and extraneous “stuff.” It is believed that disorganized or extraneous items can block the ideal flow of this essential life force. This can lead to stuck and stale energy in your space. With an organized office, closets, garage, pantry, and general living space, there will be more positive, health- and life-sustaining energy all around you.Woman happily working on laptop

3. Better Energy Levels, Concentration, Memory, and Mood 

Being organized helps boost mental and emotional health and well-being in a number of ways. Instead of needing an extra cup of coffee or a dose of medicine, your own living and work space can support consistent energy levels throughout the day. Memory, mood, and the ability to stay focused are all enhanced as well. By contrast, too much clutter and disorganization can drag down brain function in all of these areas.

4. Naturally Better Lifestyle Habits

A study published in Psychological Science showed that being organized can lead to more positive diet and lifestyle habits. Persons who worked in a clean and organized space were more likely to choose an apple over a candy bar. An organized space is less stressful, and those who are less stressed are less likely to snack or graze on unhealthy foods throughout the day. With more energy and focus, you are also more likely to stick to an exercise program. 

Happily sleeping in bed

5. Improved Sleep

Clutter and disorganization are also known to cause insomnia, especially in sleeping areas. How organized is your bedroom? Do you take the time to make your bed every day? Is your closet organized, or is it stuffed to the gills with things that you may or may not ever use again? If you’re having trouble sleeping, this is probably why.

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