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Making the Most of Shared Walk-In Closets

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Phoenix home's shared walk-in closet

Many of our clients in the Phoenix and Scottsdale were looking for ways to make their closet space work for themselves and their significant others. Here’s a look through some of our recent designs that helped both parties get exactly what they were looking for.

Take Inventory of All Items

If you share one walk-in closet, you’ll need to take inventory of all of the items you plan on storing. This means both yours and your spouse’s stuff. Take a weekend (or two), to go through and declutter so you can be sure that you only store what’s necessary. This will also give your designer a clear idea of what they’re working with. This is a crucial step before you begin designing your closet. Taupe custom walk-in closet system Scottsdale

Try Sections

Keep areas separated by designating certain sections for each person. Usually, a closet is a split directly in half, but sometimes one spouse’s stuff could take up more room than the others. A physical barrier, like in this photo, could be a good way to divide the space. If you have a spare bedroom, take it to a whole other level and create two walk-in closets. Having separate areas will give each individual a chance to get ready in their own designated space.


Lockable drawers custom closet Fountain Hills, AZWe recommend customizing the space for each spouse. For example, double hanging areas could be vital for a husband, but a long and tall area for dresses could be required for a wife’s space. Other features, like lockable drawers, valet rods, or an ironing board, could be a must-have feature for one spouse and not the other. Customizing each space and making sure everything is designed for each person will ensure that it will continue to be used by each party.

Add Extra Functionality

Don’t forget to add extra elements like belts and tie racks or a hidden hamper to make chores easier, and to make your closet more functional. Storage accessories maximize space for both parties and keep your closet organized.

Consider Size Requirements

His and hers custom closet Fountain Hills AZDon’t forget that men’s and women’s items are different sizes. For example, men’s shoes are generally wider and take up more room than a woman’s. This means that the same shelf won’t hold the same number of shoes as the other’s. Since men’s items can take up additional room, this will need to be planned for in the design. Extra shelves may also be necessary to store everything if one spouse has more items than the other.

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