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5 Ways to Streamline Your Morning Home Routine

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Morning Routines Phoenix

Having healthy morning routines are essential for Phoenix homeowners to stay sane in this day and age. We know that not staying consistently organized can affect your productivity and stress levels. Routines don’t have to be major life changes; in fact, you’re less likely to stick to a routine if the change is too big or unattainable. We know that proper routines can lead to better organization and peace of mind. Here are five of our favorite ways to streamline your morning routine.

1. Exercise in the Mornings

Waking up a little bit earlier to exercise will give you extra energy for the rest of the day. Many people save exercising until the end of the work day when they’re tired and are more likely to skip. Another benefit of morning exercise is that the gym is typically less crowded, so you won’t have to waste time waiting for machines and weights.


2. Eat Breakfast Every Day

Morning Routines Phoenix

Yes, we know we sound like your mother right now, but it’s true: breakfast is essential for starting your day off right. Having two or three breakfast item staples you like in constant supply in your pantry will help you with this routine. Whether it’s oatmeal, cereal, or bagels and cream cheese, having breakfast ensures that your day will get off to the right start.


3. Leave Work at Work

Your mornings are precious. Checking your emails and messages on your phone the minute you wake up will only increase your stress. Create a routine for yourself in the morning where you can have a little bit of peace. Find an inspiring book to read, watch an uplifting program, or watch the birds in your yard. A moment in the morning to clear your head will make you less distracted and more focused at work.


custom closets Phoenix4. Customize Your Home to Suit Your Life

Staying organized is critical to reducing extra stress. Having your closet organized in a specific system, be it by season or garment type, is important so you don’t spend valuable time sifting through piles of clothes. We offer custom closets that can drastically improve your life and morning routine.


5. Avoid Rushing out the Door

If you pack your lunch, lay out your clothes, charge your phone, and get your work together the night before, you won’t leave the house in a flurry of adrenaline. You will also sleep better knowing that you won’t wake up with a pile of tasks to do immediately.


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