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How to Give Purpose to a (Small) Room

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Empty white room 3D render

Empty white room 3D renderEvery room in a house should have some kind of purpose. This may seem overly lofty and preachy, but at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix we believe that every home is worth making amazing. Yet so many people do not utilize the space they have, or they have a space that is little more than a glorified storage shed. So, how can every room have a purpose? Better yet, how can homeowners take a small room that has little purpose, and transform it into a space that has an elegant design?

Give the Room a Thorough Cleansing

Go in and take out anything that does not need to be in the room. Try to approach the space with an open mind, especially since it is a small space. This means that items that are in there have a purpose – not just because there is no room to store them somewhere else. Put items in storage, donate excess items, consolidate, or give items to family and friends to give the room a fresh start. Custom grey office shelving builtin Phoenix, AZ

A List of Dreams

So, what is the purpose of this new room? What is it going to do exactly? This is an essential piece to the entire puzzle because it can help ground your project so it doesn’t get out of hand and overly ambitious. One way to approach this is to take a long and detailed look at your various dreams and goals. 

For example, if you want to spend more time with your family, finding ways to be more efficient with chores can help you do this. Developing habits with better storage and organization, starting in your home, can lead to you revamping your room with this new purpose in mind.

Having a “list of dreams” that you want the room to accomplish is a great way to start.


Now it’s time to execute your plan. Always look back to your list for inspiration and to remind yourself about what this new room will become. Choose new cosmetic upgrades that are in line with your goals. If you want to spend less time doing chores, choose paint and flooring that are easy to clean. Being more organized can mean better organization by using your time efficiently. Use technology to help manage your schedule, and consider custom solutions, such as in your office or closet.

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling on an exciting new chapter in your home’s life. Stop by our showroom or give us a call to get started! Proudly serving the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale markets.

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