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Storage Solutions for The Whole Family

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Grandpa and grandkid playing in living room

Grandpa and grandkid playing in living room

Finding appropriate storage solutions for family members of all ages and abilities can be difficult. Closet & Storage Concepts in Scottsdale is here to help you make your home safer and more usable for everyone with these tips. 

For Toddlers and Young Children

From diapers, toys, and clothes, clutter can accumulate fast with young children. To keep your home as clutter free as possible, it pays to be organized. Consider installing adjustable closet systems so that they can grow with your child. A reach-in closet can work well with some smart layouts and solutions. 

When it comes to storing toys, keeping systems easy is usually best. Keeping storage at their height will help them keep their own room clean. When it’s time to go to school, make sure their desk is organized and neat. Using bins and drawers with labels will give them a clean work area to help them stay focused.

Having a place to stash a small step stool in the bathroom can be helpful so young children can get ready for school, or wash their hands without your help every time.

Drop down ironing board custom closet

For You & Your Spouse

Storage systems need to be built around your lifestyle and your possessions. From clothes to shoes and jewelry, you want to make sure your closet can fit everything. In addition, having storage to help with chores, like hidden hampers, drop down ironing boards, or an organized laundry room cabinet can help you keep your home organized and neat.

For more tips, be sure to see how to make the most of shared walk-in closets.

For Grandparents

Pullout pantry spice rack storage PhoenixFor older individuals, with limited mobility and strength, you want your home to work for them, not against them. In the kitchen, for example, having pullout shelves and baskets for spices or even wine can help them easily find items without having to bend over or reach up.

Having in-cabinet lighting in kitchen pantries or in their closet can also help those with limited visibility. Lighting isn’t just practical – it can help set a mood and add a great design element to any room.

Closet & Storage Concepts is your choice for storage solutions in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Stop by our showroom in the Scottsdale Design Center to see the various ways we can help you organize your home for all members of your family. We can’t wait to work with you.

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