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4 Ways to Organize Kids’ Rooms

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Pile of children craft projects

Staying and becoming organized is a skill that often has to be learned. Teaching your children to be neat and orderly not only helps them during their childhood, it’s the foundation of a valuable life lesson. Between toys, collections, clothing, school project, and more, the average kids’ room can quickly become a mess. The following four tips can help your child’s room become more organized. Pile of children craft projects

1. Purge School Items

Kids of all ages can have a difficult time getting rid of their collections and special things. Together, sort through your child’s artwork and school projects to weed out items. Set a limit of what they keep. For example, you can try only keeping things from the current school year. Take pictures of them before recycling or throwing them away.

2. Sort Through Clothes

Set aside a time each fall and spring to sort through your child’s clothes together. Pack away any outgrown items for younger siblings or set them aside to donate to a local charity. Help your child choose between favorite items to ensure that their clothing is able to be stored within the confines of their dresser and closet. Small children custom closet system Phoenix

3. Make the Closet Kid-Friendly

For many kids, the bedroom closet can become a sort of catch-all for all sorts of things. While there might be some clothing on rods, there is just as likely to be toys, games, and other odds and ends simply tossed inside. A customized closet system provides a specific place for everything. With a little planning and using adjustable shelves, your child’s closet can grow with him or her through the years.

4. Add Shelves

While having a custom designed closet organization system is the ideal way to keep clutter to a minimum behind that closed door, providing your child with shelves along one of their bedroom walls gives them a place to proudly display important and sentimental items. A shelving unit that is custom designed for your child’s growing needs not only helps with organizing their bedroom now, it will prove to be an invaluable resource throughout their childhood.

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