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Post-Holiday Home Tidy Up

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Christmas gift basket with food

close up of closet jewelry dividerThe holidays are coming to a close. If you’re ready to get back to a normal schedule, consider tidying up your home with these tips from your Phoenix space-saving furniture experts at Closet & Storage Concepts.

Sorting and decluttering is the first step to take before you store items. Go through some popular gift categories below to see how you can get a handle on your stash.

Sorting & Storing Gifts

Clothes, Hats, Scarves & Bags

If you have trouble storing your clothes, it’s time to evaluate your wardrobe. It’s a perfect time to get organized for the New Year! Go through and pick out items that no longer fit or you no longer love to wear. Pullout hooks and racks are perfect for hats and scarves. Use dividers to hold jewelry and other dainty accessories. And when it comes to storing sweaters, bags, jeans, and shoes, make sure you have plenty of shelves. 


Lucky for you, food gifts can be consumed right away! If you received chocolates, wine or alcohol, or other items that you’d rather not consume, it may be best to give it away. Certain items can be donated to a food bank. If you’re having a New Year party, bring some of those items along so they can be shared (and removed from your home).

Christmas gift basket with food

For items that you plan on keeping, make room in your pantry! With wine storage options and organized bins, you can keep everything organized. Integrate new items by putting them away properly – group like items with like.

Candles, Bath & Beauty Products

Candles, lotions, makeup, and other beauty products are popular gifts. Go through your candle collection and see if there are any that you can part with. If you don’t tend to burn candles or no longer enjoy a particular scent, pass it on to someone who might. For makeup and bath products, consider donating unwanted items to a women’s shelter. Corral candles and makeup items with bins or stackable shelves underneath your sink. 

Donation & Tossing

Box of clothes to donateFold tissue paper and wrapping paper to make it easier to fit into the recycling bin. Also breakdown gift boxes. If you’re running low on gift boxes, consider putting away gently used ones away for next year. This can save you from buying them next year.

When it comes to donating your items, you could reuse gift boxes. Be sure to take them as soon as possible. There’s no use keeping them around when they are going to a thrift shop. For items that you plan on selling, fold them neatly into bags and make sure they are ready to be inspected by a buyer, get them listed on your app/website of choice, or get them shipped as soon as possible.

Storage Systems

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