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Small Walk-In Closet Project Tips

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Not all walk-ins are guaranteed to be spacious. Some walk-ins are on a smaller scale and come with their own challenges. If you have a small walk-in, you can use the following tips to maximize your storage space.phoenix small custom walk-in closet

Maximize Built-In Potential

Use your entire space to maximize your storage potential. In this project that we completed, we built the units from the floor to the ceiling (only leaving a small gap at the top for the air vent) to maximize storage.

Reflective Elements

This is a key design element that you can use to maximize space, especially if your closet doesn’t have windows. Choosing reflective elements like a large mirror and glass doors gives this closet the appearance of a bigger space. Low profile hardware in a brushed metal was installed for a streamlined appearance.

Choose Bright Colors

When working in a small space, it’s usually best to choose bright neutral colors. In this project, we used a classic white that works with the existing colors in this home. This helps make the closet feel brighter and bigger.

Full-Scale Luxury

A smaller walk-in closet shouldn’t stop you from adding as many luxurious elements as you want. Choose luxurious touches like adding in bright chandelier like the Phoenix homeowners did in this space. For this project, we also went with minimized boring and flat line upper cabinets for a tidy appearance. For an extra luxurious touch and to give the appearance of a built-in look, toe kicks were added and further give an elegant and classic look. 

Close It

Soft-close drawers, which we love to use, are another luxurious touch. Cabinets can also be installed with similar soft close hardware to prevent any loud banging as you’re getting ready. This can be very beneficial if one partner has an earlier work schedule than the other.

Large mirror small walk-in closet Phoenix

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