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Spring Closet Clearout

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No matter the size of your closets, sometimes it can feel like you’re drowning in stuff. Spring is the perfect time to evaluate your belongings, clear out what no longer suits you, and change your wardrobe. Here’s what to consider when you’re decluttering your Phoenix closet.custom closet Phoenix accessories

Tag Check

If an item still has a tag on it a year later, it can be disheartening to just give it away. But there’s almost always a reason that you haven’t decided to wear an item, so the best thing to do is to get rid of it! This will clear up space for something that you will actually want to wear.

Do You Love It?

Asking this question can help you separate the items you love and what items you can get rid of. If something’s a maybe, set it aside for now. If you have an immediate reaction of, “no,” then that item should head straight to the donate or toss pile. Any item that you love should go back into your closet. If your goal is to fill your closet with items that you love to wear, then items that you dislike are hindering that goal.

Look at Shoes

See holes in your sneakers? Have heels that are rubbing your ankles raw? Or maybe you have a pair of sandals that have a broken strap. Retire shoes that you never wear for one reason or another and consider upgrading. For shoes that still have some life in them, polish them up and get them repaired. Don’t forget to look near entry and exit points of your home if that’s where you store your shoes.

Consider Bedding

Don’t neglect hallway or linen closets! Get rid of ratty old sheets or blankets and give your bed a fresh new look. Old torn towels are also a great idea to get rid of. A bed with newly laundered sheets is a great way to get a more restful night of sleep.

Once you’ve cleared out your closets with things you no longer need or like, it’s time to start putting items back. Don’t put items back all willy-nilly. Take time to group like items together and craft a strategy. For example, evening dresses can probably be placed further back into your closet than your everyday blouses or t-shirts.

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