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Space Saving Solutions & Ideas

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Custom cabinetry in Phoenix

If you’re running out of space in your Phoenix home, have no fear! Our Phoenix storage solutions and team of designers can help you create space-saving solutions. Use the following four tips to reclaim your space and get organized. white built-in bookcase Scottsdale

Reclaim Alcoves and Corners

Don’t let alcoves, corners, or other areas sit unused. Put them to use with custom built-ins or shelves. Oddly shaped rooms are often ideal places to look since most mass-produced storage units will not use your space efficiently. You can add shelving for books or trinkets, create a little reading nook, or even add storage for seasonal decorations. Also look to areas like under your stairs or small closets. Making these areas more effective can help you create space you didn’t even know you had!

Make Rooms Multifunctional

Consider making rooms in your home multifunctional. Think about making a spare room an office and guest room. Or consider your laundry room as a place for overflow storage or an offshoot of your linen closets. This helps you find additional storage and create a more balanced home.

Multifunctional Furniture

This follows along the same lines as above. Using multifunctional furniture like a Murphy bed or storage ottomans can help you create more storage space for all your stuff. Using furniture with double purposes can help your home be more efficient.

Collapse It

Small things can add up over time. Look at your pantry and see what tools take up a lot of room. Certain items like colanders or measuring cups come in collapsible designs to help take up less storage space. In addition, since they flatten down, it is often easier to store them. In closets, slim fabric hangers are a great way to create more space without having to do a massive closet declutter. Find other sleek organizers to help find more space.

Ready to create space in your home? Contact our Phoenix and Scottsdale team here at Closet & Storage Concepts. We’ve completed hundreds of projects in the area and are ready to help you create a storage solution built around your life.