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Closet Shoe Storage Solutions

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phoenix closet shoe storage

phoenix closet shoe storage

Closet spaces are versatile storage centers that can be modified to fit the homeowner. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix, we place a strong emphasis on the right closets for the right owner, customized to perfection. Today we talk about custom shoe storage systems for closets, including tips and tricks for getting the most out of your shoe space.

The Snapshot

This trick works best for cabinets or individualized cubbies. Give each pair of shoes a home in an individual cabinet or storage space, and then find somewhere visible to attach a snapshot of the shoes in its home. In particular, if you like to keep boxes of shoes in your cabinet, or if you have individual cabinet doors for each cubby, this is a nifty way to quickly remember which shoes go where!

The Storage Method

However you arrange your closet shoe storage space, it is best to place shoes heel to toe. This is especially effective for smaller closets, or if your shoes are stored adjacent on a shelf, since it saves as much space as possible. The shoes are also slightly more visible when placed heel to toe.

The Vertical Organizer

We specialize in custom rods for your closet space, and this is the perfect way to hang a vertical shoe organizer with individual cubbies for shoe storage. Tie a vertical organizer over a closet rod and boom – instant shoe storage.

The Hanger Trick

We often install closet hanger rods that span the length of a closet wall. While normally used for hanging shirts and pants, consider this summer tip for easy sandal access: cut the bottom rung from a wire clothing hanger, and then use pliers to curl the ends into stylish hooks. Now you have a creative place to hang your summer sandals!

The Wallpaper

This tip is entirely decorative, but why not glamorize the home of your footwear? Textured wallpaper or a unique solid wood can be applied to the interior of just about any cabinet storage space. Against a beautiful backdrop of your favorite colors, your shoe collection will be a thing to behold.

phoenix closet shoe storage

Your New Custom Closet

Schedule a free in-home consultation with Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix to take a step forward on your next storage solution adventure. We pride ourselves on taking empty space and turning it into something more.

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