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Popular Home Renovations For Summer

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Staying cool in the greater Phoenix area is key during the summer! But the heat doesn’t have to stop you from renovating and beautifying your home. Read below for some popular home renovations that can beat the summer heat. interior design materials and swatches

Stay Indoors

Look to complete indoor renovations and take advantage of air conditioning. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. From changing out your bathroom fixtures to a complete kitchen overhaul with an organized pantry, indoor renovations are popular in the summer.

Other small projects could including getting organized in your bedroom, cleaning off windowsills and baseboards, or putting up new photos and art. No matter what you choose, set a deadline so projects don’t sit unfinished.

Plan Early

Summer is also an ideal time to begin planning outdoor home renovations such as exterior painting or patching up your roof. In Phoenix, autumn and winter tend to be better times of year to complete these projects due to the heat and weather. Use summer as a time to get estimates and evaluate contractors. Since autumn can be a busy time to complete these projects, you don’t want to miss out on your top pick because you didn’t plan early enough.

Clean Out Freezers and Fridge

disinfecting and cleaning fridge shelvesWhen was the last time you looked into your freezer? Chances are that you have things in there that you forgot about that are spoiled or that you need to use up. Take the summer heat as a chance to cool off, while getting organized! Empty out your freezer and clean off any racks you have and use a gentle disinfectant to clean everything up. Add clear containers to store foods, and develop a system to help reduce your food waste.

Make Some Ice Cream

This one isn’t technically a home renovation, but after all the planning, redecorating, and organizing, you deserve a treat! Use quality ingredients (from your easily accessible kitchen pantry) and get the family involved. Don’t feel pressured to buy another appliance to make ice cream. A trick is to use chemistry – mix your ice cream in a bag then place it into a larger bag with rock salt and ice. After mixing for about 10 minutes, you’ll have perfect ice cream!

Don’t let the summer heat beat you down. If you’re looking to organize your closets or any other area of your home, stop by our showroom in the Scottsdale Design Center to get started. Our showroom is cooled and features products and ideas to help you get started.

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