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Entryway Closet Tips to Make Mornings Easier

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easy morning routine leaving for school

Tips to organize your entryway closet for seamless, stress-free mornings

Does it always feel like you’re scrambling for time in the morning? Does it seem like you’re always running late? Make morning routines easier by starting in your entryway closet! easy morning routine leaving for school

Why the Entry Closet?

An entryway closet is often the first and last place you pass in your home as you go about your day. Because of it’s central location, it’s the perfect place to make your command center. Here’s how to make mornings easier for your entire family.

Coat and Sweater Storage

If it’s hard to get out the door because you have to track down your coat, sweater, or favorite scarf, make it easier with proper storage. Having enough hanging space for your entire family’s coats will make it easier on everyone. Depending on the size of your coat closet, you may not be able to store everyone’s outerwear pieces in this one closet. To combat this, we recommend switching out pieces seasonally. custom entryway closet cabinetry Scottsdale

Backpacks and Bags

Don’t throw backpacks and bags around willy nilly! Creating a place for them in your entryway closet means that kids always know where they can find their backpacks for school and where you can find your wallet or purse. Use strong sturdy hooks or a small set of cubbies to store them. Consider having a one hook rule so each member of your family has their own hook.

Keys & Leashes

Pets are family, too! Keep dog walking tools close at hand with small hooks. They also work well for keys so you’ll never have to frantically look for them in a rush.

Everything Else

It takes a lot to keep your busy family running and organized. Use a smaller drawer to keep everything else. Consider keeping last minute snacks for breakfast or for soccer practice, pens for permission slips, or hair ties and clips. Utilize drawer dividers to keep everything neat. Using a small drawer to corral these items will ensure that you have everything at-hand for any last minute requests – there’s no need to run to the kitchen for Junior’s snack you forgot to pack.


Finally, utilize your entryway closet for shoes. By having shoes, coats, and bags all in one place it will make it easy for everyone to get out the door. Shelving at the bottom of your closet works well to maximize floor space.

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Get Started

Make your mornings hassle-free by getting your closets organized. Start in your entryway with Closet & Storage Concepts – we are the preferred choice for custom closets and home storage furnishings in the greater Phoenix, Peoria, and Scottsdale areas.

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