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The Outbox – Why You Should Have This One Item in Your Closet

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pile of clothes gathered in arms for donating

Some closet designers and organizers have their own secrets to help their clients get organized and tidy. As your local Phoenix closet experts, we’re here to provide the latest tips from the organizing world. The newest method? Try an outbox. pile of clothes gathered in arms for donating

What’s an Outbox?

First, what is an outbox? An outbox can be a basket or bin that you can use to collect items that you’re unsure about decluttering. There are many strategies when it comes to deciding what to give up, but we’re here to make the case of why it’s one of the ultimate things you need in your closet.

Why You Should Have an Outbox

Helps You Decide Maybe Items

The outbox can reduce stress when it comes to decluttering. Sometimes we want to be sure we’re ready to part with an item. This also reduces any decluttering regrets. With an outbox, you can save an item if you want to wear it again. This helps enforce that you love the item. After a few weeks, if you haven’t grabbed the item out, it can show you that you’re ready to give it up.

Cleans Up Your Closet Immediately

Because you’re clearing out items from your wardrobe it’s an easy and immediate way to clean up your closet. You won’t be hanging on to things that you’re unsure about.

Contains Clutter

Similarly, an outbox helps you contain clutter since it’s in one designated spot. You won’t have a bunch of maybe items hanging around throughout your closet. This also makes it easy when it’s time to declutter!

Choose Your Outbox

built-in hidden hamper in closet system PhoenixAn outbox can come in many different shapes or sizes. It could be a tote bag, or even a dedicated drawer, bin, or box near your door. Build an outbox straight into your closet with a built-in solution by adding a hidden hamper!

One last tip: Set a reminder to check your outbox and get rid of things or else it won’t help you declutter. Regularly check your outbox. Even better, put a tag or a little sticky note with the date whenever you put an item into your outbox. That way you know how long it’s been and if it’s ready to go.

Your Closet, Designed Around You

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