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The Only Spring Cleaning Tools You Need

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wiping down shelving storage spring cleaning

When it comes to spring cleaning, using the right tools is important to help you maintain your home without slowing you down. At Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix, we want to assist you in any way we can when it comes to organizing, cleaning, decluttering, and building space-saving storage solutions. Here’s our list of the cleaning tools you need and where to start.

wiping down shelving storage spring cleaning


When it comes to dusting tools, you want to be sure it traps dust and doesn’t spread it around. Look for materials that cling to dust. Extendable handles are also helpful if you have tall ceilings.

Areas to dust:

Baskets/ Bins

Spring is also a natural time to declutter. Make sure you have the proper tools to help you tackle this task. Baskets, bins, or reusable tote bags are helpful when sorting what’s staying, what do trash, and what to donate. Tote bags are perfect for donation piles since you can take it and go straight to your favorite charity or thrift shop.

Donate towards good causes – find a list of resources in the Phoenix area.

Where to declutter:

  • Closets (master, kids closets, linen, entryway)
  • Bathroom
  • Pantry and kitchen areas
  • Garage
  • Home office and craft rooms

Cloths or Towels

Depending on how deep of a clean you want for your home, you’ll likely need several cloths or towels. We like microfiber cloths especially for shelving and custom closets as they trap dirt and dust without leaving behind streaks from cleaning products. They also work wonders on keeping stovetops and stainless steel appliances spotless. If you’re looking to give some of your clothing items and textiles a second life, consider using them for cleaning. T-shirts you no longer wear are perfect candidates since they are soft.

Surfaces to wipe down and clean:

  • Glass cabinet doors and shelves
  • Inside drawers
  • Windows
  • Countertops and work areas
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Floors (we recommend using large towels or floor pads depending on your flooring materials)


One other key tool is a vacuum. They are not only ideal for cleaning floors, they can also help you clean hard to reach areas in cabinets or around your ceiling. Vacuuming during spring is the perfect way to combat against allergens like dust and dirt. Now is also an ideal time to change out any air filters.

Where to vacuum:

  • In cabinets and closets – reallyvacuuming carpet and floor for spring tackle those hard to reach corners
  • Floors
    • Always consult with a flooring expert to determine the best method to clean your floors
  • Around ceiling areas

It’s Time to Get Organized

From all of us at Closet & Storage Concepts, we hope you have a happy spring! To store your essential cleaning tools and to get organized, give us a call. We are your local Phoenix, AZ custom closet and storage organizing experts.

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