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3 Reasons To Involve Your Kids For Better Closet Organization

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Including your child in any decision you make regarding reorganizing and/or modifying a bedroom closet is often the best option for parents who want to not only clean out the closet but also ensure that it remains clean and tidy. Here are three good reasons why mom or dad should enlist the help of their kids when cleaning out their closet.small walk in closet for young boy

1. Your Child Will Learn Organizational Tips from You

As just about every single parent has already realized, children aren’t born knowing how to keep things clean and organized. It’s a skill they need to learn and you, as a parent, are the best teacher there is. Cleaning out a closet with your child will help your child learn about important concepts such as proper storage, the importance of decluttering on a regular basis, and how to keep items used on a regular basis separate from items only used on special occasions.  

2. Your Child Will Know Where to Find His or Her Own Things

Would you like to avoid having to give your child a “tour” of their newly organized closet once you’ve finished cleaning it out? If so, include your child in the organizational process. Doing so will ensure that your child will know exactly where to find needed items at any given time.  

3. Get Their Input Regarding Design and Organization

Be attuned to your son or daughter’s wishes regarding how to organize the closet and keep it clean and neat. Perhaps your child has valid reasons for not discarding certain clothes and toys. If these do not fit in the closet, you may need to store them elsewhere. Maybe there are clothes you really like but your child never wears. In such instances, donating clothing could be a good idea. If your child feels that he or she needs more closet space, consider getting in touch with a company such as Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix to see if the closet can be modified to suit your family’s needs. 

Including your child the next time you’re organizing his or her closet can save time and hassle. Doing so gives your child a chance to give input that will help keep their closet in tip-top condition. As an added bonus, working together on a project allows you to spend time together and create memories that will remain long after the closet is cleaned out and reorganized.

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