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4 Ways To Make Your Office Super Cool and Functional

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custom gaming office desk setup Phoenix, AZ

Take a Page From Tech Company Offices to Add Spunk Without Losing Productivity

custom gaming office desk setup Phoenix, AZ

Tech companies are famous for their dynamic office designs. From unconventional workstations to free-flowing relaxation spaces, the purpose of an innovative, ergonomically-focused office is to increase productivity, enhance communication and creativity, and foster a happy and healthy work environment. So how can you take a page from super cool modern tech offices and apply it to your Phoenix, AZ home office

1. Declutter and Streamline

Organization is the key to increased productivity, so it’s time to file your stacks of papers and find a solution to your ever-growing pen problem (no, you really don’t need three coffee mugs filled with ballpoint pens). Custom desks, drawers, cabinets, cubbies, shelving units, and other organizational solutions will ensure that everything is in its proper place.  

2. The Right Furnishings

Interior design is all about achieving a good flow, which means that although you love the look of hat vintage wingback chair you saw at the flea market, it’s probably too big and bulky for your home office. You can’t foster productivity without the right furnishings. The desk is the centerpiece of any office, so whether you want one that lets you sit or stand, has a secret handle for a hidden storage compartment, or is slim and modern, choose one that’s appropriate for your workflows.

3. Connect with Nature

Biophilic design is a fancy architecture term for bringing the natural world inside. Large glass windows to let in natural light, plants, vertical gardens, and other types of greenery bestow a sense of calm. Using textures and patterns that are found in nature are all part of the biophilic design trend. Natural light and greenery are the types of enhancements that help develop wellness and happiness, especially considering most of us spend 90% of our lives living and working indoors. 

4. Create a Play Place

No, this does not mean you have to get an electric scooter, park it in your office, and use it every time you want a snack from the fridge. Nor does it mean you should annex part of your office as a game room. However, relaxation space is integral to a good home office, as it helps relieve stress and boosts creativity. Consider a small sofa, a bean-bag chair, or a yoga mat for an impromptu meeting with downward dog. 

It’s Time To Increase Productivity

If you want to make your home office as cool as a tech company’s, contact Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix. We specialize in creating unique storage solutions to organizational problems! Call or visit our showroom to set up your free in-home consultation.

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