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Add Value to Your Home With a Wall Bed

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modern murphy bed with lights gilbert and phoenix, AZ

If you live in a small home, apartment, or condo, and want to add value to your home, installing a custom wall bed (also known as a Murphy bed) is one of your best options. Learn how a wall bed can boost your home’s value while creating a comfortable, convenient atmosphere you can enjoy in the here and now. modern murphy bed with lights gilbert and phoenix, AZ

Murphy Beds are Versatile

Believe it or not, Murphy beds can be versatile. While many simply fold into the wall when not in use, some can double as a desk or sofa. This is particularly true if the bed is custom-made by a reputable company such as Closet & Storage Concepts in Phoenix, AZ. A custom-made bed will have the exact features and amenities you need to maximize your living space at all times.

Furthermore, you won’t be the only one who appreciates a versatile wall bed. Many potential buyers don’t think of Murphy beds when they are looking for spacious living quarters. Seeing your Murphy bed will inspire any potential buyer who wants to maximize their new home. 

Adding Space

A standard Queen-sized bed can take up as much as 35 square feet in a room. Naturally, this is space that could be put to much better use in a small room or home. At the same time, installing a Murphy bed does more than just free up extra room. It also creates an illusion of space. People who look at your space won’t feel that it’s cluttered even though you may have various furnishings. The fact that your area appears spacious and pleasant can increase your home’s value, encouraging a potential buyer to pay more than he or she would have otherwise.

Comfort Factor

Many people say that wall beds aren’t as comfortable as regular ones. This is a complete myth! Our wall bed models use special mattresses designed for comfort. They are specifically designed for vertical storage to last for years without getting lumpy or saggy. They are often just as plush as a standard mattress and feel more comfortable than a pullout couch or blow-up bed.

Start Your Project 

Anyone who wants to maximize space in a small house, apartment or condo would do well to seriously consider installing a Murphy bed. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix and Scottsdale, we offer many size and style options to pick from! We can even include additional storage solutions to help you Make Room for Life®! Call to schedule your free in-home design estimate.

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