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How to Inspire Kids for a Cleaner Organized Closet

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Are you tired of continually re-organizing your child’s closet? If so, read on to discover tried and proven ways to inspire your kids to keep their closet spaces clean and organized.

teen girl folding clothes on a bed

Help Them Get Started

It’s all too easy for kids to accumulate items they don’t need or use, so don’t get upset when you pull out piles of clothes, shoes, toys, books, and art supplies. Simply go through it, and ask your child’s opinion on what to keep and what to get rid of. If you feel your child would be inclined to keep everything, lay down some ground rules before you get started. For instance, you can both agree that anything that no longer fits well should be donated. Consider donating items in good condition to younger siblings or friends and family.

Give Them a Closet to be Proud Of

Once you’ve gotten rid of clutter, you should be able to tell how much storage space they’ll need for their remaining items. Now is the perfect time to have a home storage improvement company such as Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix come in and modify the closet to suit your child’s exact needs and preferences. Adding shelves, hanging space, storage drawers, shoe storage, will make it easy for your child to keep the closet clean and organized at all times. All of our closet systems can also be adjusted so they can grow with your child.

Praise Their Efforts

Every child wants to make their parents proud. Offer praise every single time your child makes an effort to keep their closet clean and organized. It may not be perfect; however, if your child is trying, there will always be something you can praise them for. It may be the fact that books are put away instead of thrown on the floor. Or, maybe your child is consistently putting shoes in the closet shoe rack instead of leaving them lying around at home. Look for the good, and praise your child for it.

Offer Rewards

A reward chart is a great incentive for kids to keep their closet organized. Decide on a time period and a prize for keeping the closet organized during that time. The prize could be increasing their allowance, permission to stay up late one night, or a special snack. This method is particularly ideal for messy kids who need help building new habits.

The ability to keep a closet clutter-free and organized is a valuable skill. Help your child pick up these habits and inspire them to stay organized and take control of their clutter. When it comes time to modify their closet, get help from your local Phoenix designers at Closet & Storage Concepts! We are proud to serve the entire Valley.

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