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Pantry Organization to Beat Your Health Goals

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Get motivated to eat healthy by getting your pantry closets organized. While racks and racks of spice drawers can keep your food orderly and out-of-sight, that doesn’t mean that they are still fresh and usable. Here are some ways to keep your pantry healthy and neat. custom pantry storage Phoenix

Organize Everything by Expiration Date

When you put things away, don’t push older products towards the back. That’s the easiest way to lose track of expiration dates. Instead, keep the oldest items to the front, and make sure the expiration dates are marked clearly. You don’t want to be using old spices. They’re not going to pack as much flavor and can throw off the balance in recipes.

Keep Things in Air Tight Containers

Don’t shove that open box of cereal back into your pantry. That’s an easy way to get bugs and mold. Once opened, pour anything in a cardboard box or open sack into a mason jar or other air-tight container. 

Not only does this keep everything fresh, but it also makes your pantry shelves look like it’s straight from a magazine. You can use chalk labels to quickly note the contents as you put them away. Be sure to include the expiration date on the label.

Set Up a Cleaning Schedule

The more cluttered your pantry gets, the easier it is to stray from your goals. Set up a cleaning schedule to clear out your pantry at least once a month, ideally once every couple of weeks. You can donate anything that you don’t want anymore before it expires; sometimes you just buy too much of an ingredient!

Don’t Tuck Things Away

Are there things that are too far away for you to reach? That’s a recipe for disaster. It means those shelves are never going to get cleaned and you’re likely to forget where you stored something. If you have shelves that you can’t use, consider investing in a step stool that stays in your pantry, or use shelves that can be pulled down to your height. If you have to store things above your head, make sure they’re non-perishable; it’s a good place for lights, batteries, and bandages.

An organized, healthy pantry is one that’s going to make cooking and eating a whole lot easier. Organizing your pantry is also going to make it easier to make your grocery list and to manage your spending. If you see yourself wasting a lot of food, it’s time to rethink your shopping techniques!

Get Expert Help In Phoenix, AZ

A well-organized pantry is one that is easy to use and helps you reach all of your health goals. If you find that your pantry is difficult to work with, it may be time for a remodel. Check out Closet & Storage Concepts in the Scottsdale Design Center to see how you can achieve a beautifully organized pantry! We’re proud to be family-owned and operated.

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