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Couture Closet Storage: Shoe Collection

Phoenix boutique closet system with shoe storage

If you’re tired of digging through your shoe collection spending what feels like an entire day trying to find your favorite pair of dress shoes, it’s time to turn your shoe collection from an organizational nightmare into a beautiful display. While the adage might be true – you can never have too many shoes – it’s also true that the more shoes you have, the more difficult they are to store and curate. Here are five shoe storage solutions that save space and look glamorous in any Phoenix, AZ home.  

Phoenix boutique closet system with shoe storage

Chic Shelving 101

Closet shelving comes in a variety of forms and sizes. From custom closet shelving to floating shelves, wood shelves to glass shelves, there’s a stylish organizational method for every type of shoe-lover. Shoe storage should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing – no plastic bins and cubbies, please! While glass shelves or cabinets with glass doors are ideal for displaying a beloved pair of designer shoes (you can even go the extra mile and add lighting), your old gym sneakers and fraying boat shoes might be better off hidden in an enclosed shoe cabinet. 

Pullout Baskets and a Lazy Susan for Shoes

Pullout baskets are ideal for corralling slippers, flip-flops, and shoes that aren’t worn often. A basket not only functions as a decorative touch to a closet, adding texture, but it also makes it easy to see shoes. A basket organizer is far more stylish than a rubberized or plastic shoe tray. Depending on the size of your closet, a more creative approach to organizing your shoes might be to repurpose a Lazy Susan as a rotating shoe rack. Place the rotating tray on top of your closet island to give your shoes pride of place.

Add a Ladder or Install Moldings for a Fun Solution

To organize, declutter, and give your closet a full couture makeover, get your footwear off of the floor. Why not hang your favorite heels? A towel rack or decorative ladder can easily be repurposed as a fashionable shoe rack, and you can hang your heels off the bars and rungs. Crown molding mounted along your wall can also be used to hang heels. These solutions turn your shoe collection into wall art for a fun and unique touch. Arrange them by color or season, style, or designer.  

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