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Accessible Closet Storage For All Ages

woman choosing clothing in closet

Long-Term Closet Storage Solutions Designed For The Whole Family

woman choosing clothing in closet

You probably hardly ever think about how your closet is organized. You can reach everything you need with ease and don’t have issues with mobility. But not everyone has the same abilities. Sometimes, even simple tasks can be difficult for some people. Organization and storage can play a big part in helping all members of your family find joy in getting organized. Consider these ideas to keep clothes accessible, safe, and secure from Closet & Storage Concepts in Phoenix, AZ. 

Use a custom closet that fits all stages of life and store everything from clothes, shoes, vacuum cleaners, and other items.

Reorganize and Use Pull Out or Pulldown Shelves

Items can pose a safety risk when reaching for them off a high shelf. Reorganize your closets so your most frequently used items are level with your shoulders and arms. For smaller children, be sure to arrange their clothes for their height. 

A custom closet with pull out shelves will allow you to reach any item without bending or straining. Pulldown wardrobe lifts are also a great way to make closets with tall ceilings accessible. Our mechanisms are safe for all ages and only require a small tug to operate.

Place in Hanging Rods at Your Comfort Level

To maximize space in a closet, we’ll often use double hanging rods. This staggers clothes and allows you to store long and short items. While this works for some, others who have different needs may have problems reaching taller hanging areas.

With the trusted team at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix, we can design a customized solution to ensure that all of your clothing items are easier to reach. When deciding on the right height for hanging areas, we take inventory of the types of clothes that you have. Instead of leaving additional space between the hem of your clothes and the floor, we may suggest installing hanging areas so they are easier to reach and don’t leave a large gap.

Organize for Comfort

When it comes to closet organization for all ages, rearranging items by comfort and accessibility are some of the top goals to achieve. By placing in adjustable shelving, lowering hanging rods, and using baskets or cubby spaces, everyone can keep their items organized for their personal use. 

white custom closet with lots of hanging areas Phoenix AZ

Create Organized Closets

Get help from local Phoenix, AZ closet designers today! We’re here to help you Make Room for Life®. Call for a free in-home estimate or stop by our showroom to explore design possibilities. 

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