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Board Game Storage Tips and Tricks

family picking board game to play

Game night is the perfect entertaining activity for people of all ages. Whether you are calling friends over to play trivia games and card games, playing a board game against your spouse, or finishing up a large puzzle by yourself, having games can keep the mind sharp and strengthen relationships. However, finding the right place to store all the games can be a struggle. If your games are stacked on the floor under the table or against the wall without any storage strategy, it can be easy to start losing instructions, game pieces, or puzzle pieces. You also risk damaging the game’s original box. Here are some storage tips and tricks to keep your game boards and other gaming items in great shape.

family picking board game to play

Rolling Game Storage

Freestanding game carts can be a good budget-friendly option, especially if you want to keep games and certain toys mobile. Smaller end tables could also be transformed into rolling game tables. Puzzles and game boxes can be kept underneath and the top gives you the perfect base for any game board. For more luxurious solutions, built-in storage or furniture with hidden storage compartments keep items hidden away to provide a neater look to your living space. 

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers allow you to have all of your gaming items all in one location. In addition to having a space for board games, it can also house video game consoles, Blu-ray players, and small toys for kids. A specialized manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Scottsdale can make a custom entertainment center that can fit perfectly into a specific area of your home. In addition, you can have adjustable shelves that will work with boxes and electronics of varying sizes.

Closet Storage

A closet is a perfect answer for games that no longer have their original packaging available or are oddly shaped. For these items, consider using closet storage organization tricks.

Place each game board into small, transparent plastic bins and then slide them onto shelves. Durable wood drawers or pullout fabric bins can also be installed to keep board game pieces together and easy to find.

Get Ready for Game Night

Make your next game night fun and organized by using these storage tips and tricks. You can find the perfect place to store game boards without hindering your daily activities with Closet & Storage Concepts – Phoenix & Scottsdale. We’re your local and family-owned closet and storage experts here to Make Room for Life®. Call for a free in-home design consultation today!

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