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Do’s and Don’ts of Organizing and Storing Office Electronics

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When creating a home office, you need certain electronics to boost productivity such as laptops, printers, fax machines, scanners, PCs, and monitors. Unfortunately, the way you stack or place office equipment can negatively impact its performance. Heat buildup and dust will cause electronics to malfunction and shorten their lifespans. Check out the following do’s and don’ts when organizing equipment in your home office while learning about how a custom office desk or cabinets can keep everything organized.

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Don’t Stack Equipment

Due to limited desk space, you may be inclined to stack equipment on top of each other, like your monitor on top of a computer tower. However, many computer towers have vents at the top. Stacking other equipment on top means that built-up heat will have nowhere to go. This can cause failures for both pieces of equipment.

Solution: Place each piece of equipment in its own designated shelf space or place on your desk. Also, avoid placing office equipment directly on carpeted floors as this can reduce ventilation and cause electronic malfunctions.

Don’t Cramp Equipment in Tight Spaces

Placing equipment on tight shelves prevents heat from electronics from escaping. Instead, the heat is forced back through the vents into the electronics. As mentioned, heat and electronics, especially bigger gaming computers or office electronics can wreak havoc.

Solution:  If your wall unit or desk has adjustable shelves, ensure that you are leaving enough space around any vents, at least two inches, so heat can be vented out and dissipated. 

Do Keep Equipment Away from Windows

Bright Arizona sunlight directly on plastic and metal surfaces, like those found on electronics, can cause internal temperature increases resulting in malfunctions. If you like to work near natural daylight, consider placing equipment in a way that complements your workflows while keeping equipment out of direct sunlight. A custom cabinet manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts in Scottsdale offers design ideas based on both commercial and residential properties. 

Do Cover Equipment When Not in Use

While you want more air ventilation around electronics to keep them cool, you should cover the equipment when it’s not in use to prevent dust. When dust enters through vents, it sticks to the electronics and can prevent the fan, as well as other components, from functioning properly. Consider investing in custom cabinets and shelves with doors that you can leave open when the equipment is in use, and then you can shut them to prevent dust from entering.

Design Your Custom Office Space

You may invest hundreds of dollars to purchase your office electronics. You want them to last as long as possible. Ensure that your equipment is well ventilated and kept away from windows, or utilize cabinet has doors that can be closed. Contact our design specialists for your next custom closet or home office project. We are proud to be your local, family-owned experts in the greater Phoenix, AZ area. 

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