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Work From Home in Comfort (and Style)

stylish two-tone custom office desk area Phoenix

If you’re one of many Americans working from home, you may find yourself faced with more distractions than you would be in your typical work environment. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix, we’re here to help you create a work environment that is comfortable, stylish, and productive! Read on for some of our top tips when working from home. stylish two-tone custom office desk area Phoenix

Follow your routine

Your workplace environment may have changed, but that doesn’t mean your regular routines have to. Stick to routines to maintain normalcy and productivity. If you love tackling emails, correspondence, and mundane tasks at the start of your day, continue them. Starting and ending your day with a to-do list can be a good way to help you stay focused and keep making progress.

Stay focused

Start with a clean worktop and clutter-free desk. Limiting distractions and other environmental stressors can help you stay productive when working from home. A clutter-free space also looks a lot more stylish when you want to flaunt your custom workspace. Need more help? See how Closet & Storage Concepts in Scottsdale can help you create a custom desk area for you and the whole family.

Consider a second monitor

When tackling large spreadsheets, doing data-entry, and many other tasks, having a second monitor can help you get through tasks faster. Your workplace may let you bring a monitor home, or you could use a monitor you may already have to help you work from home in comfort.

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Have a place for paperwork

If you deal with a  lot of paperwork, it helps to have a method for dealing with it. Keep a stack for files that need to be shredded, and file items right away. Lockable drawers can help maintain security for sensitive items when working from home (think tax paperwork, billing, or any other personal client information you may deal with).

Are there items that no longer make sense to keep? Do you need more space for files, but don’t want a typical and unsightly metal cabinet? Now is a great time to evaluate your filing system.

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Speak with a design expert

Stay comfortable and productive when working from home! If you need a multi-purpose space for work and hobbies, consider built-in home office workstations built around your unique needs. Speak to a design expert by giving us a call today!

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