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Tips When Sharing a Home Office

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shared home office area white cabinets Phoenix, AZ

If your home is having more activity lately with multiple people in your household needing a work area, it can create chaos. If you find yourself in this situation, you’re not alone! There are some easy strategies and ideas you may want to consider in order to maintain productivity and peace when working from home. Consider these ideas from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix.

shared home office area white cabinets Phoenix, AZ

Have Separate Work Areas

When possible, have separate work areas for each person. While you may not be able to have an office area in every room of your home, give each person their own work area. This means that there will no fights over space. Setting up clear workspaces can be helpful. 


People have different needs and often have different workflows. Consider the needs of kids for example. They will likely have different ergonomic needs and may need more supplies to complete projects. Customize work areas for each member. You and your significant other may have different hobbies and thus different storage needs. Some prefer to have different monitor setups, and others prefer to be closer to windows or light sources.

Built-in home office desks are the solution to ensure that each person has exactly what they need. Using the same cabinet color or design profile in each area of your home can be used for continuity. Sometimes we can even match your project to existing cabinets. 

Consider Soundproofing

Some people find that some sounds are distracting. Consider soundproofing in your office area. This could mean adding rugs or mats in an area to dampen any noise or investing in earplugs or headsets.

You could also try designating an area in your home for phone calls that is separate from the main office area. Scheduling apps can help clue in other members of your family when you’re on a work call. This will reduce interruptions and help you stay productive.

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Get Expert Help

If you need help making your office more comfortable and productive, our team is here to help! We’re proud to be your family-owned custom office experts here in Phoenix, AZ and throughout the Valley. Contact us to learn about design and storage options!

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