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Winning Color Combinations To Try In Your Custom Cabinet Project

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custom master closet walk-in two cabinet colors

Choosing the right colors in any home design or remodeling project is an important decision that can affect how a room looks and feels. When it comes to custom closets and home storage furnishings, the design team at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix, AZ have you covered. Here are some timeless color combinations to choose for your project.

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Neutral Light Classics

White, cream, and beige are some of our most popular cabinet color options. They work across the gamut in terms of design styles and are often great for giving a space a light, open, and clean feeling. They work in rooms of all sizes including small closets. For additional brightening effects, choose a glossy cabinet finish with in-cabinet lighting.

Moody Darks

Black, browns, and even gray are perfect for those looking to make a statement without choosing something too whimsical. Dark neutral colors can enhance natural wood grains and can work for both traditional and modern design styles. Darker color palettes will often make a space feel smaller and more intimate. They work especially well for home theatre cabinetry, living room wall units, and in some closet spaces.

custom master closet walk-in two cabinet colors

Choose Two

Choose a combination of colors for a unique look. Many of our clients opt for two-tone cabinets in a neutral color that gives their project visual interest without overly complicating the design.

Black and dark wood are great for a mid-century modern flair, while light upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets can give a modern take on a quaint farmhouse-style. Backboard or matching backing in your custom desk or home office project will give you a built-in look and expand your design possibilities.


For those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind take and don’t take themselves too seriously, choose color! We have many colors available that can work with quirky design styles. Vibrant jewel tones like sumptuous emeralds and mysterious blues are making a comeback. A glossy orange cabinet front can be perfect if you’re looking to create a mod look in your home. When it comes to choosing the right color scheme, ensure it pairs well with other design elements in your home.

Talk With an Expert

Our team is proud to be a leading custom closet and storage provider in the Phoenix-metro area. Not sure what colors make the most sense for your home storage project? Schedule a design appointment with our team! We’re open and available to help with your project.

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