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Practical and Easy Closet Organization Hacks

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beige fabric closet organizer basket drawers by TAGHardware

Struggling to stay organized in your closet? Get advice from the local Phoenix, AZ team at Closet & Storage Concepts by reading on. beige fabric closet organizer basket drawers by TAGHardware

Use Baskets

Baskets and bins are a great closet hack no matter your budget. Baskets are a great way to give your closet a streamlined look that is free of clutter. Use them to group items together such as seasonal clothing, sweaters, workout clothes, bathing suits, and more. Our fabric basket drawers are a great solution when you have delicate clothing items and can also be used as a laundry hamper. 

Organize Drawers

It’s time to organize your drawers. Utilize dividers for everything including ties, belts, jewelry, and under garments. We offer unique design options to match your closet system. Drawer dividers are the perfect solution to organize small, delicate accessories. 

Use Wall Space

Struggling to store shoes, bags, or clothes? Full-wall shelving, cabinets, and or hooks are a great way to keep clothes off of the floor. Hooks can be used for nearly anything including robes, sweaters, jackets, and hats.

Consider Heights

Use multi-level hanging and custom closet shelving depending on your items. For example, over-the-knee boots or evening gowns will require more vertical storage space than a pair of flat sandals. Ensure your closet fits your clothing collection to maximize closet space and get organized.

Drop down ironing board custom closet

Make Space for Clothing Care

For lint rollers, dust bags, steamers, and other clothing care items, keep them within easy reach. A dedicated drawer or cabinet to hold these items is a great way to organize your closet. A drop-down ironing board can also help you save valuable closet storage space and make getting wrinkles out even easier.

Look for Unexpected Storage Space

Turn under-utilized spaces into valuable storage space. Use the area behind closet doors and wall space above door frames to maximize space. Have a uniquely shaped closet? Choose a custom organization solution with help from Closet & Storage Concepts. Our designers have years of experience and can help you get achieve the closet of your dreams.

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