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Closet Design to Keep Clothes Fresh and Clean

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tan fabric laundry hamper in custom closet Phoenix

Don’t neglect your closet! It’s one area of your home that you are sure to use frequently when leaving or arriving home. Maintain clothes by paying attention to ventilation and organization. Proper design will ensure you maximize your space and protect clothes and accessories from fading, mold, and damage. Get design ideas from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix, AZ.

tan fabric laundry hamper in custom closet Phoenix

Add in Vents

If you’re looking to ensure that your clothes do not get musty, airflow is key. Vents are an easy way to create more airflow. Architects and home builders we work with take careful consideration of airflow and ventilation throughout a home. This ensures all areas in a home can be cooled or heated efficiently so it’s comfortable throughout the day. Keep in mind that many HVAC home projects should be professionally completed to meet building standards and codes for safety. 

To help clothes “breathe”, try louvered cabinet doors. Louvered closet doors have gaps between each slat to promote air flow compared to a solid wood door. The slats can also help protect clothes against UV damage from sunlight and adds a unique design element to your closet. 

Install Hidden Laundry Hampers

One way to keep clothes fresh and clean is making it easy to complete chores like laundry. Hidden laundry hampers create a place for dirty clothes in your closet. Having a dedicated zone for laundry will help you stay on top of chores. 

Closet Reorganization

One major problem that can impact airflow is a messy closet. You may have an existing closet system that blocks vents and air from flowing throughout your closet. Creating a system designed around your closet’s footprint is a great first step to help you maximize storage and airflow. A custom closet will be designed to your exact specifications to ensure vents and electrical outlets are not blocked. 

If your clothes are blocking the airflow from vents, try to reorganize them so that there is space between each piece of clothing.  clothing. Create a closet free of clutter or obstructions.

Work With Experts

Closet & Storage Concepts is here to help you Make Room for Life®. Contact us to see how we can help you create your dream closet. Proudly serving the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ areas.

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