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Craft Room and Home Office Ideas

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Built-in custom craft room.

With more people at home doing remote work, you need to find a room where you can close the door and stay productive. If you also enjoy hobbies and crafting, you may be wondering how you can make room for different types of work and activities. Here are some unique design ideas to combine your home office and craft room. Built-in custom craft room.

Custom Wall Unit as an Office Desk

There may already be a table in your craft room that you use for sewing, model building supplies, painting, and other activities. Packing all these items away and moving them to another location can be time-consuming. For a simpler solution, consider placing in a custom wall organizer. This is a great solution especially for smaller spaces. The wall unit will provide enough shelving and cabinets to hold your computer, printer, and other supplies. 

A central open shelf is the perfect little desk or computer workstation. If you need more space for a keyboard or a second monitor, our customized desks can include a pullout keyboard table. A home storage manufacturer, such as Closet & Storage Concepts in Phoenix, can help you create a custom wall unit that fits perfectly into your spare room.

Hanging Laptop Desks

Smaller drop down desks can be another option if you are looking for a slim storage option. These small hanging cabinets will have a small dropdown table perfect for laptops. They can also feature small cubbies for pens and sticky notes. If you are looking for more storage space, this may not be the best solution.

These hanging desks come in a variety of sizes and lengths. Be sure to correctly measure the height you want your desk before you install it, and be sure to anchor it to the wall securely. 

Long Closet Cabinets

Standing closet cabinets are incredibly versatile and can be transformed into a workstation in a home office. It can include shelves and drawers on the lower section with additional storage towards the ceiling. These tall cabinets can be installed in nearly any place in your spare room so it can be separate from your craft areas. Use this closet cabinet to put office supplies. When you are finished working, you can just close the cabinet doors. This is a great way to create a physical space just for work which can help improve your work-life balance. 

Explore Office Storage Options

Having enough space for your office and craft room can be accomplished with the right organization and storage solutions. Make Room for Life® and all of your hobbies with Closet & Storage Concepts. Proudly serving the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ areas.

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