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3 Tips to Store Holiday Decor Effectively

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holiday ornaments and baubles unorganized in box

One of the more difficult parts of decorating for the holidays is dragging all of your items out of storage. The anticipation of the holiday season can make this task more enjoyable. Storing your items at the end of the season, however, lacks the same joyous sparkle, and can be quite the trudge. This is especially true when you don’t have good places to put things, are frustrated by trying to cram items into spaces that are too small, or simply don’t know how to store specific all of your holiday décor.

Let’s look at some tips for packing away your holiday décor a bit more effectively. 

holiday ornaments and baubles unorganized in box

Upcycle Storage Items

Consider upcycling items around your home like coffee cans and egg cartons for storing breakable ornaments. Cardboard tubes are great for wrapping holiday light strings around. Then, you can pack all of your special decorations away carefully in sturdy plastic totes or storage boxes. Everything will remain separated and neat until the next time it’s needed.

Think Outside the Box

Artificial trees can be a pain to put up and take down, but they’re often an even bigger hassle to store. This year, think outside the box and consider using plastic shrink wrap to wrap your entire tree, lights and all. It will remain safe from damage until next year and will take up less room in storage as it can be compressed.

Wreaths can also be tricky to store, as you don’t want them to get crushed before you hang them up again. Consider purchasing a storage box specifically for these special items. Many are designed to either be stacked flat or stowed out of easy reach.

Purchase Customized Storage Solutions

There are also a wide variety of customizable storage options to consider for your holiday decor. Consider working with a closet or home storage professional to design an area in your home specifically for your items, especially if you have a large collection. This will make it easier to access everything that you need each year, without the stress and hassle of finding missing boxes, noticing that items have been damaged, or replacing things that have been broken due to poor storage. Often, a skilled storage professional can work to create a solution that’s customized to your individual needs, making it easier to store your holiday decorations than ever before. 

When it’s time to pack the holiday decorations away, and you’re tired of struggling to do so, remember that there’s another option. Contact the friendly storage professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix and Scottsdale! Our team will evaluate your space and help you find a solution that’s perfect for you. 

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