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Design a Coat Closet For the Entire Family

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custom entryway cabinets for coats Phoenix

custom entryway cabinets for coats PhoenixWe usually have our own dedicated closets, dressers, and organizers for our personal belongings. Yet when it comes to coats and outerwear, they can be stored on coat racks by the door, on hooks in the hallway closet, or just hung on door knobs. This can cause your front entrance to become cluttered. 

A coat closet that the entire family can use will declutter the hallway and entrance areas, and help your family get out the door quickly. Here are some design tips to create a family coat closet. 


Cubby closets will have floor-to-ceiling cubbies and shelves where every family member can place their items in designated spaces. Adults can take higher cubbies while children can take the lower shelves that are within easier reach. These types of closets can hold shoes, coats, hats, sweaters, masks, and socks.

Cubby closets and opens shelves are perfect for families who have a lot of smaller clothing accessories that often get lost and misplaced, such as shoes, sunglasses, hats, and socks.

Hook Hanging Systems

Multiple hooks within a coat storage system will give you ample storage. One row of hooks can be installed higher up for adult coats and other clothing. Lower hooks at waist height can accommodate clothing for children or additional storage.

This type of closet storage solution is perfect for families who spend a lot of time outdoors and have many coats, sweaters, and other bulky clothing pieces. Baskets can be placed at the bottom of the closet for shoes, hats, scarves, and smaller accessories.

Custom Closet Storage

Coat closets can be designed with a combination of rods and shelves, or hooks and cubbies, to accommodate families. Each person can have a designated shelf or closet section. Hanging rods can hold long pieces of clothing, sweaters, and sporting goods, while the shelves can hold smaller items as the rods can be adjusted as your child grows older.

Many of these systems can also feature a sitting bench with additional storage where a person can put on shoes. The experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix, can help design a custom closet system that best fits in your home.

Before picking a coat closet design, consider what types of clothing items will be stored, and how your family will access the items. Then consider the size of the coat closet and the best system that can accommodate all your specific requirements. For additional help, schedule your free in-home or virtual estimate today!

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