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Tips to Customize Your Kitchen Pantry

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As you work to keep a stockpile of food for your family, it’s easy for your pantry to become cluttered and disorganized. Customizing your kitchen pantry to suit your individual needs is a great way to make sure that you have easy access to the foods or items that you need, when you need them. 

modern custom kitchen pantry shelving Phoenix, AZ

Consider these ideas as you customize and organize your kitchen pantry:

Add Pullout Shelves

Pullout shelves are a great way to add extra space to your pantry area, ensuring that you have room to neatly store all of your food. These shelves can be installed by a reputable home storage system company like Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix, so that you have storage that precisely fits your needs. Closet & Storage Concepts can evaluate your space, determine how much room is available for shelves, and design a custom storage solution to create your dream kitchen.

Include Storage for Dry Goods

As you customize your kitchen pantry, it’s important to plan the storage for your dry goods carefully. Base your dry good storage system on the type of food you consume and how much you typically use. Adding air tight storage containers with easy to read labels will help you make sure that your dry goods last for as long as possible. If you bake frequently, for example, you may need a larger variety of storage containers than someone who typically buys baked goods at the store. Spend some time evaluating what type of storage you’ll need for shelf stable dry goods, then plan accordingly so that everything stays fresh.

Rotate Stock

Another important feature of a working home pantry is a simple one – extra space. As you customize your pantry, be sure to leave a bit of space on shelves and in drawers so that you can rotate your stock of food. As you put away your groceries each week, keep the idea of “First In, First Out” in mind, so that you are always consuming food that is the oldest. This will help you make sure that you’re not allowing food to spoil.

Add Organizers for Canned Goods

Stacks and towers of cans can be unwieldy and difficult to navigate. Consider adding built-in organizers for canned goods, so that you can easily see what you’re storing in your pantry. This storage option also makes it easy to rotate your food stockpile, as well.

Get Expert Help In Phoenix, AZ

A pantry is the center of your kitchen, helping with food preparation and providing you with an area to store all the important ingredients you need to prepare meals for your family. Customize this storage area carefully, so that you can easily access everything that you need for a quick dinner or a larger event. Get local expertise from the team at Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ! 

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