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Different Locations for a Wall Bed

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If you’re looking to utilize the most space in your home, a wall bed is the perfect space-saving option! After you’ve decided to purchase your new wall bed, you might be left wondering where to put it. Read through our guide to get ideas on different locations to put your wall bed. If you’re considering building a custom wall bed, Closet & Storage Concepts in Phoenix have many customization options that will create a space that fits perfectly with your home. 

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Guest room

If you’re lucky enough to have the extra space for a designated guest room, a wall bed can keep your guests comfortable while also offering them extra space and storage. When you’re not hosting guests, you can also use the space for extra room to lounge, craft, watch movies; the options are endless!


Wall beds are perfect for an office since it serves a dual-functionality. You don’t have to compromise space when deciding for either an office or a guest room. Our experts can build a custom wall bed that blends in seamlessly with your office. 


Studio apartments could always use a little more space! If you own a studio apartment, a wall bed is the perfect solution to your limited amount of space. This option transforms your apartment everyday into the space that you need it to be. Whether you want a living room, dining room, or office, your studio can have it all!


Looking for ways to turn your basement around into a comfy living space? Instead of having a regular bed take up more space in your basement, wall beds can be put away at your convenience. You’ll have all the room you need for extra storage or anything else!

Kids room

If your child’s room is seriously lacking in space, having a wall bed can give them plenty of extra room to play and sleep. You can give your child a super unique option of both a playroom and bedroom; all in the same space.

When it comes to wall beds, you have plenty of options on locations that will fit in your home. Our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix will maximize the most utility in any given space. Contact us for more information! 

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