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2021 Closet Trends

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If you’re looking to give your closet a total makeover while also staying on top of the most current and popular looks, consider these custom closet trends for 2021! Updating your closet to match the current trends can give your closet a fresh look that will get you excited to finally be dressing up to go out again. You’ll be surprised at how simple these changes can dramatically change the overall look and style of your closet. When it’s time to finally revamp your closet for this year’s latest trends, reach out to our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix.

modern custom closet design Phoenix, AZ


In 2021, expect to see warmer colors, unique materials, and faint retro styles for closet trends. More muted pastel colors allow for a space that lets your cabinets and wardrobe stand out. Deep yellows and bright blues with an accent color are a popular choice. You’ll want to consider adding natural elements in your closet such as leather, wood, and stone for added texture.


Proper lighting is absolutely essential for any closet. Consider switching yellow bulbs to cool tones to add brightness to the room. If possible, allow natural light to come in from windows. Hanging bulbs or gallery lights are returning to popularity. 

Accessories & More

Multi-functionality and simplicity are popular choices when it comes to storage and organizational accessories in the closet. Give your closet a modern look and get rid of the clutter with accessories that serve multiple purposes. There are plenty of artistic furniture pieces that can also disguise as extra storage space. Built-in islands allow for additional room for decorative pieces on the surface while also offering drawers and shelving to hide away smaller pieces like jewelry, watches, or hats. 


Whether you want to keep up with the latest 2021 trends, or you simply just want to give your closet a subtle change, our professional team of experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix can offer plenty of design choices to suit your needs. Learn more about our team and hear from our happy customers! Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix is a family-owned and operated enterprise proudly serving the Phoenix area. 

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