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Safely Storing and Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are often hidden away in cramped areas like under the kitchen sink. Oftentimes, everything gets shoved to the back and the accumulation of clutter and expired products begin. When you’re able to easily find and access all the right cleaning supplies, you’ll be more inclined to regularly clean the house. Make cleaning duties less of a chore with a neatly organized spot to safely store all of your cleaning supplies. Read through our guide to learn more about safely storing and organizing your cleaning supplies. If you’re considering a custom closet for all of your cleaning gear, be sure to reach out to our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix. Our trained professionals are able to maximize space in even the smallest of areas!

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The first step in tackling your cleaning supplies is to go through all of your existing products. Properly dispose of any cleaning product that is expired or damaged. Take inventory of items that you have an overabundance of or that you’re running low on. This makes it easier for your next trip to the store.

Designate a Spot

Once you have all the items that you want to keep, the next step is to find a place for all of your cleaning supplies. If closet storage is available, designate a whole closet or even just a few shelves for everything you need to clean your home. You can also store them under a bathroom or kitchen sink. Just make sure that you have organization accessories to keep everything neatly together. 

Bins and Baskets

Invest in storage bins and baskets to neatly organize all of your cleaning supplies. Separate cleaning supplies by the type of surface they’re used on. Products to clean your showers, sinks, and toilets can all be placed together so that it’s easier for you to bring the whole storage container with you when it’s time to clean the bathrooms. Items that would be used on a more regular basis like disinfecting wipes, window cleaners, and dusters can all go in the same area. 

Safety First

If you have kids or pets in your home, it’s important to keep cleaning supplies in areas that they cannot get into. If you’re storing them under a sink, be sure to use cabinet locks that only you or an adult can unlock. If you’re storing them in a closet, put them higher up on the shelves so that it’s out of reach. You can also choose to put a lock on the closet for extra protection. 


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